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10 January 2020 ·  In the Media

Recommended Reviews in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Pharming

Some of the reviews in the February 2020 issue of the journal Current Opinion in Biotechnology focus on the production of high-value medicinal products in plants via molecular pharming, like monoclonal antibodies to treat Ebola, as well as on other products produced in plants for therapies, vaccines or cancer biologics. Moreover, Mary Williams recommends her readers to study this special Plant Biotechology issue in the knowledge hub Plantae since it not only covers reviews that introduce strategies to increase efficiency or versatility of plants as pharmaceutical producers but also provide insight into the value / optimization of specific plants like green algae or mosses. The issue rounds off by informing about progress and policies concerning gene-edited plants. Ralf Reski edited this special Plant Biotechnology issue of the journal Current Opinion in Biotechnology together with his colleagues Gary Foster and Ed Rybicki.

Source: Plantae

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