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10 July 2019 · Event

Discussion about genetic engineering

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reski will be discussing the pros and cons of genetic engineering ("Gentechnik") with the member assembly of the Green Party at Gasthaus Schützen (Schützenallee 12), Freiburg, on July 16th, 2019.

Source: Green Party Freiburg

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10 April 2018 · Applied research · Event · Talk

Moss Ingredients for Skin Cosmetics

MossCellTec TM No. 1 will be introduced the day before the fair in-cosmetics global starts in Amsterdam. Photo: mibelle biochemistry

ReskiLab cooperated in the development of a new cosmetic ingredient based on biotechnologically produced moss cells for a novel anti-aging and moisturizing concept with the Swiss company Mibelle Biochemistry. A new product for skin care will be introduced on 16th April 2018, right before the „in-Cosemtics global“ trade fair that will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The new MossCellTec™ Technology was used to develop the active ingredient for MossCellTec™ No. 1. According to in vitro studies, this active ingredient improves cell nucleus health by helping to transport molecules in and out of the cell nucleus, which is important in helping skin adapting to climactic changes. The ingredient in MossCellTec™ No. 1 is on the fair’s Award Shortlist for Best Active Ingredients. Professor Ralf Reski will be in Amsterdam on 16th of April to give a talk about moss biotechnology.

Details: conference website

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08 December 2016 · Event

First meeting of CeBiTec's Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board and CeBiTec's director (from left to right): Professor Dr. Ralf Reski, Professor Dr. Sabine Flitsch, Dr. Rolf Apweiler, Professor Dr. Bettina Siebers, Dr. Ralf Kelle, Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse. Photo: CeBiTec

Earlier this year the Rectorate of the University of Bielefeld/Germany appointed a new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for its Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec). On December 5th and 6th, Ralf Reski and the other SAB members met for the constituent meeting in Bielefeld and discussed the science and the strategy of CeBiTec with its members and with the Bielefeld Vice-Rector for Research, Young Researchers and Equal Opportunities, Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf. The Scientific Director of CeBiTec, Prof. Dr. Olaf Kruse, hosted the meeting. The SAB members are Dr. Rolf Apweiler, Director, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute EBI in Hinxton/UK, Prof. Dr. Sabine Flitsch, Chemical Biology, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology in Manchester/UK, Dr. Ralf Kelle, Vice President R&D Bioproducts Health & Nutrition, Evonik Industries/Germany, Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lengauer, Director, Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics, Computational Biology and Applied Algorithmics, Saarbrücken/Germany, Prof. Dr. Bettina Siebers, Molekulare Enzymtechnologie und Biochemie, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen/Germany, and Ralf Reski, Chair, Plant Biotechnology, University of Freiburg/Germany.


International Moss Meetings

iMOSS 2018: St. Petersburg, FL, USA, 3 – 6 June 2018

iMOSS 2017: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 22 – 24 June 2017

MOSS 2016: Leeds, UK, 2 – 5 September 2016

MOSS 2015: Cancún, MX, 30 November – 3 December 2015

MOSS 2014: Beijing, CN, 25 – 28 September 2014

MOSS 2013: Prague, CZ, 17 - 19 June 2013

MOSS 2012: New York, US, 14 - 22 June 2012

MOSS 2011: Freiburg, DE, 11 - 15 September 2011

Genome Workshop 2010: Freiburg, DE, 13 - 15 September 2010

MOSS 2010: Sapporo, JP, 21 - 24 July 2010

MOSS 2009: St. Louis, US, 22 - 25 October 2009

Genome Workshop 2009: Freiburg, DE, 1 - 3 July 2009

Genome workshop 2008: Freiburg, DE, 17 - 18 March 2008

MOSS 2008: Tampere, US, 15 - 18 August 2008 (in conjunction with the FESPB meeting)

MOSS 2007: Seoul, KR, 1 - 5 August 2007

MOSS 2006: Berkeley, US, 29 June - 2 July 2006

MOSS 2005: Brno, CZ, 23 - 26 July 2005

MOSS 2004: Freiburg, DE, 12 - 15 September 2004

14 May 2014 · Event

Plant Science Meeting in Strasbourg

Our INTERREG funded Trinational Institute for Plant Research (TIP) will have a Plant Science Meeting in Strasbourg from 14th to 16th May 2014

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12 February 2014 · Event

METABEVO - Plant Metabolomics

USIAS-FRIAS workshop organized by Daniele Werck and Ralf Reski on 12th and 13th February 2014.  USIAS: University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study; FRIAS: Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

Poster download from FRIAS (pdf file)

read more about speakers and participants at FRAIS

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03 August 2012 · Event · Media Release

Think globally, act locally

International scientists discuss possible societal benefits of plant research in Freiburg. Focal point of more than 600 scientific contributions of the Plant Biology Congress was the question of how researchers can apply their results to benefit society.

read whole text at the University of Freiburg website

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21 June 2012 · Event · Media Release

All Set for "Green" - Plant Biology Congress Freiburg

The University of Freiburg is awaiting 1,000 plant researchers who will come together for the Plant Biology Congress Freiburg 2012, which is organized by Professors Heinz Rennenberg and Ralf Reski.

read whole text at the University of Freiburg website

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23 April 2012 · Event · Talk

Visit and Talk: Marja Timmermans

Marja Timmermans, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, will visit us in the framework of FRIAS (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies).

read whole announcement at FRIAS

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18 March 2010 · Event · Media Release

Freiburg welcomes historic plant meeting

Largest European Congress for Plant Science to be held at the University of Freiburg, Germany, in 2012. Prof. Dr. Heinz Rennenberg (Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Ralf Reski (Faculty of Biology) will organise the meeting.

read whole text at the University of Freiburg website

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22 February 2010 · Event

3rd Physcomitrella Genome Workshop

The next Physcomitrella Genome Workshop will take place in September 13th -15th  2010.

read more

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07 March 2005 · Event

Moss 2005 in Brno/CZ

website of University of St. Louis

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04 October 2004 · Event

Ralf Reski im Biotech Forum Baden Württemberg

mehr im Flyer (pdf)

27 December 2003 · Event

Moss 2004 Conference

The 7th Annual Moss International Conference, MOSS 2004, will take place in Freiburg, Germany, from September 12th through 15th, hosted by Plant Biotechnology at the University of Freiburg

see abstract book (pdf)