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The lab of Professor Dr. Ralf Reski, Chair of Plant Biotechnology at the University of Freiburg, Germany, has developed the moss Physcomitrella patens from scratch to a flagship model organism. In basic research its members analyse gene functions, proteins, regulatory networks and evolutionary developmental biology. In applied biotechnology research it creates biopharmaceuticals against human diseases made from moss plants.

We serve the moss research community with the International Moss Stock Center (IMSC).

Some of our major achievements in basic and applied research are:

  • First identification of a gene function in plants by gene targeting (knockout moss, Homologous Recombination, Reverse Genetics, Genome Engineering, Gene Editing).
  • First functional identification of an organelle-division protein in an eukaryote (ancient tubulin FtsZ).
  • First complete genome sequence of a lower plant (evolution, development, evo-devo).
  • First description of microRNA-mediated transcriptional gene silencing (Epigenetics, human diseases).
  • Invention of the Moss Bioreactor (human diseases, novel biopharmaceuticals, biobetters, clinical trials).
  • First recombinant production of a human protein in moss (VEGF).
  • First candidate vaccine produced in moss (HIV / AIDS).
  • First identification of a master regulator for asexual reproduction (homeobox, embryogenesis, epigenetics).
  • First identification of a single gene trigger for embryogenesis (plants, animals, humans).
  • First identification of a basal genetic core set for stomata formation (evo-devo, reprogramming, bHLH transcription factors).
  • First description of a pre-lignin pathway for polymer production (cuticle, evo-devo, P450, biopolymer)
  • First recombinant production of human factor H for therapeutic applications (innate immunity, complement, human disease, aHUS).

Ralf Reski is a founder of Greenovation Biotech (now: eleva GmbH), founding PI of three Excellence Clusters (BIOSS, CIBSS, livMatS) and of NFDI DataPLANT.

Successfully completed student supervisions: 8 Teachers State Exam Theses, 62 Diploma theses, 50 Bachelor of Science, 31 Master of Science, 44 PhD theses, 3 Habilitations.

Third Party Funding: approx. 26.8 million EURO (53% Public Sector, 47% Industry).

Google Scholar: 300 publications, including 20 patents, 15246 citations, h-index 69.

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